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My Name Is Ann! - The Oyster Tour promophotos 2012

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

My Home, My Castle (Audiovisual installation and sound intervention)
This project targets on subconscious soundscapes of a personal zone. It started as a long-term comparative work in progress/research initiated in spring 2011 in Barcelona when I have captured subfrequencies and vibrations with a special sensors in part of Born and my flat, which is situated in this area. This project will be premiered as a public intervention on the festival Prague City in 2011 and develloped as audiovisual installation for the festival Mostra Sonora i Visual on the 1- 9. 6. 2012 in Barcelona. While living in environments, our sound-attention is the mostly focused on evident and noisy sounds such as cars, public transport and people. The aim of my project is to discover the subconscious sounds of personal environment which effects us without being aware about it (rumble of the underground, cooling machines in the bars, air conditioning, fridge, ...). These sounds are subtle and non-evident, but make a subconscious vibration of the local environment. My intention is to detect those sounds on the environment of the residence place and whether create a compositions or expose the usual habitants during a sound intervention to those sound samples in a public space (local bars, bus stop, street, ...) The final installation or composiotions brings into play the local field recordings and visual material from this public performance.

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

Electronic playground - workshop with digital and analogue toys
This workshop is designed for kids and young people who are interested in discovery of the world of spontaneous digital music creativity. This workshop doesn' t require any computer programmes or skills, neither any previous music knowledge and experience. It is intented as a loose, joyfull and compact platform of spontaneity and intuitive work with digital melodies, sounds, vocal layers and instant beat and melodic structures to recognise own music abilities and creativity. The workshop benefits from an ear-challenging aesthetics of current electronic music as synthetizer sounds, bass music, glitches, digital noises, looping, electro and 8bit sounds.
During the first part of the workshop, the participants will be introduced to the use of the electronic devices, effects, analogue and digital toys and left to improvise to percieve its potencials. In the second part, the participants will work as an instant electronic band

The Run Out Of The Broken Tube -av performance about falling of local glass industry tradition
webcam performance - Fucking at the distance is not fucking
interactive epoetry - I WIll Meet You Next Summer

Sobre o artista

My artistic development is based on music, sound, performance and socio environment criticism of contemporary issues of postmodern, digital world.
As an active musician since my childhood, I have been leading own musical project My Name Is Ann!, touring and releasing two albums. .
Regarding my academic studies of anthropology and electronic culture and PHD candidature in the field of anthropology, I' m interested in a conceptual scientific theories connected to art, sound and local space, a sound as reflection of social environment. Considering that, I express urban and natural landscapes in a context of aftereffects on human attitude and life conditions. Therefore my work method is simiral to an anthropologic research - I do often found project on local sound fieldwork and sound collection of related samples, interviews with the people and discovering local issues to get the most authentic material as a basement for a project.