Yamila Rios

CênicaBolsa parcial

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

Sounds are around us without us even noticing, their constant impact on us made us loose all the sensibility towards them. One of the main goals of this project is to arise the awareness of the sound around us and to exploit the artistic possibilities of this media. Further on the idea of relocating sound, in this case into a sound walk and a specific place will be explored. The French composer Pierre Schaeffer has pointed at sound itself as an aural object separated from its source. Relocating an ambient sound source within a new environmental context can give to the listener a completely different experience of the sound and of the site where the sound is placed in.
This project consists upon the realization of different sound walks with the local community in the area of the residency.

In order to achieve this, I will collect different sounds from the surroundings. Afterwards, three or four sound pieces with a duration of ten to fifteen minutes will be created. I will then relocate these pieces in to a new route path. This walk will take place in the surroundings of the residency at”Centro Rural de Arte” Participants will have the opportunity to re explore the sounds of there environment, in a different context and manner.

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

The final result of the project I present here is intended to be share with the local community of the place. The idea is to create three or four sound pieces. Once this is done I will search for different routes around the residency. Further on I will create one small map for each route that will guide the people along the sound walk. Together with each of those maps I will write a small history behind each piece and how it connects with the history of the place. The idea is that each participant bring his/her own mp3 player and headphones. I will provide them with some specific instructions, the map with the individual story, and a sound file to put on the mp3.

Note. The work I do is related to sound compositions and sounds installations, that is why it does not make so much sense for me to show image, if the jury wants I can send some of my work in an Aiff or mp3 format.

Some of the pieces I have done. Ballade for lost waters http://youtu.be/N1bpuP3eX8Y Marcelino http://youtu.be/F74LvCsqb_I Why by see http://youtu.be/RTsCtUSqjiw

Sobre o artista

Education: September 2011 to July 2012 Sonology. Second year Master degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague in Sonologie.// September 2010 to July 2011 Sonology. First year Master degree at the in Sonologie.// September 2006 until July 2010 Bachelor in Sonology at the Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague// September 1994 to July 2003 Study music main subjetc violoncello at the conservatory Teresa Berganza Madrid/ Master classes: March 2012 Master Class Pauline Oliveros// December 2011 Mater Class with Kaija Saariaho//July 2005 Master Class with Jean-Claude Risset.// June 2004 workshop with Edson Zampronha Some Selected works in the last five years: April 2012 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Music in Koper Piece “Shift Time”// October 2011 Electrogals Festival in Portland USA//March 2011 SICMF Piece “three places” selected at the festival SICMF in South Korea//September 2010 STRP Young Talents nomination ¨STRP Féstival¨ 2010