Rephrasing a memory

Sarojini Lewis

Bolsa parcial

The National Archives and Israel

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

The photographic work from Sarojini Lewis explores the geography and
genetics of location. Lewis has travelled between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Scotland,
and Holland, exploring ideas of family lineage and connection. The more
apparent natural parks and woods of Scotland are married with another rural
perspective drawn from Israel and the surrounding countries and borders. Lewis
traces her family through their movements across the world: travelling through
these seemingly disparate countries creates a personal link, while producing
new documents in the form of Lewis’ photolithographic prints.
The work can be seen as an emotion consisting of two sides: on one side
it is the human desire of being a part of a natural environment, while on the
other is the feeling of being out of context in that same environment.

The idea of an anti-space that transforms feelings is something I would like to explore in further research. Until so far anti space symbolises a found place that is connected to my personal view but misses exact information to confirm or visualize personal aspects. The psychological experience of nature and place approached from different living and rural spaces are repeated aspects in the photographs that are combined in mixed media installations. I discuss the relationship between 'state of mind’ and the psychological perception of landscapes. ‘A transformation of feeling, which we have no control over, because it takes place in our subconscious. ‘

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

During the MA Book Art course various workshops were organized in order to be able to teach our peers. We practiced this during a whole year which enabled us to learn very skillful aspects that are involved within book arts.
As part of a workshop I create a limited handmade book edition made after a period of documenting the area. The creational process will involve inhabitants that are part of a community. The handmade book will be a limited edition. The edition will be limited to the number of inhabitants involved directly or indirectly.Hence the each member of the local community will have a unique handmade book containing shared perspectives on their community in relation to it’s surrounding landscape.
The narrative will include different specimens of communication with and by the local inhabitants. It includes correspondence between inhabitants and me or possibly diary notes or other written material expressing the particularity of the local area in an intimate way.

installation of finding traces in Scotland and The Middle East
Near by Jeruzalem
Tel Aviv Bus Station

Sobre o artista

MFA Photography Edinburgh College of Art
Photography Award 2011 & grant from Fonds BKVB
exchange MFA in Fine Art Bezalel College of Art Tel Aviv 2009-2011
Creative Bookbinding MA Book Arts London University Camberwell College of Art 2008-2009 Wave Award grant from VSB bursary
BA Photography Documentary Photography Sint Joost Academy of Arts Breda
The Netherlands 2004-2008
Erasmus Exchange BA Photography, Norwich School of Art & Design 2007
Observatorium Peage Sauvage Group Exhibition of a site specific
installation in Estuaire 2012 Nantes, France May 2012
Het Wilde Weten Residency Itinerant Window View Solo Exhibition in Rotterdam Installation of photography January 2012
7 Cellars of Houses Gerard Scholtenstraat Fundamental Aspects
Solo Exhibition in Rotterdam Installation of photography September 2011
Talbot Rice Gallery Eleven print show Group Exhibition in Edinburg 2011
Stew Gallery Locus Group Exhibition in Norwich 2011
Embassy Gallery Annuale Group Exhibition in London 2010