David Behar Perahaia & Chiara Mignani

Bolsa parcial

site specific movement in Haifa shopping mall 2012

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

"The boundaries of my language mean the boundaries of my world” L.Wittgenstein
This proposal reflects upon the phenomenological gap that exists within man's experience of the rural environment, dominated by natural phenomena, and the urban environment, dominant by man-made inclusive landscape. Interestingly this gap is manifested/echoed by the use of language in general and by naming entities and describing their experience in particular. Language is not only a tool to communicate, but also describe the way nature appear to us and express subjective experiences of it. We suggest a site specific project that engage with this gap of experiences between the rural and the urban as manifested by language, an exploration that will involve the research of sounds, dance, movement and place intervention.
1.Identify a place with strong natural character (forest, stream, waterfall, hilltop etc.)
2.Investigate the language used within two chosen perspectives, local Tupi language and contemporary metropolis language, in relation to chosen place and its phenomena
3.Explore the vocals and develop into a new vocal/sound language
4.Develop the sounds into movement/dance language
5.Create ephemeral Arch-sculptural intervention within the local
6.Conduct a public voice-sound-dance-movement workshop that share research findings and develop with public a site specific performance
7.Performance with public participation. Structure will take inspiration from J. Cage's Chance operations

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

Creative Dance/Movement workshop
I would like to share my passion for dance and movement, to be as a bridge to help people develop and deepen their own body language, to express the pleasure of communication beyond words, to find the hidden thread that connects us with other people and with nature.

Body Measures workshop
Ancient method of measuring, based on human bodily measure will be introduced. Thumb, hand palm, cubit, feet and fathom will be explored as intuitive reference system for the process of design and building. The 13 knots magic rope, a medieval tracing tool to deduct basic forms like square/triangle will be explored within everyday design context.

Voice-sound-dance-movement workshop
we will explore two local languages reflecting the gap inbetween rural and urban textual expression: the native language of the place, Tupi language that took form out of a long interaction between man and its natural environment – the Mantiqueira Mountains; and the metropolis language

danceability workshop and performance, Prato 2010
Gloucester Cathedral public participation sculpture
Bat Yam Ramp sculpture public participation

Sobre o artista

Chiara Mignani, Italian Dancer, DanceMovement therapist and Shiatsu therapist. Math teacher, Special education teacher. Past volunteer in educational and community activities, and distance adoption program in Bahia. From 2007 she took part in different performance both site specific/theatre, in Firenze Pontedera, Monteroni, Camaiore, Pisa, Tel Aviv, Haifa.

David's sculptural language is characterized by finding stimulating contexts, forms, materials and processes in response to specific places/situation. His projects evolve through engaging people and communities of given places, establishing active public participation during various stages of making. Selected projects and residencies: 2011 Gloucester Cathedral AIR, UK, 2009 UNIDEE in Res. Int. Prog. Pistolletto Found. Italy. "After Deluge" 53rd Venice Biennale. 2008 MeanTime Residency, UK. David has a PhD Architecture, MSc Chemistry, BFA Sculpture.

David and Chiara are partners collaborating on public space projects since 2011