I want the rural, I want the urban.

Alejandra Huerta

InvestigaçãoCênicaBolsa parcial

Geometric Folklore

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

In the Netherlands the country where I'm stablished I noticed a " rural" movement, this consist in bringing the rural lifestyle to the city. People are becoming aware of the benefits of living their lives in a natural way, by consuming biological and sustainable products that don't damage the ecosystem. This awareness comes from the ecological alerts and the lack of nature in the cities. The rural lifestyle that is emerging in the cities contradicts the will of people from the rural zones who move to the city so they can change their lives and "make it'. From the perspective of an European country is the Latin American continent rural zone by itself.

As a resident of the Netherlands and an artist I would like to investigate the primitive rural lifestyle from South America en in a away exported to the Netherlands. At the moment I can't describe exactly what I'm looking for in the investigation, but what interest me is the contradiction in points of views. People from the urban point of view want to become more rural and the inhabitants from rural zone want their lives to become urban.

For the theme and conclusion of this investigation I want to make a presentation/lecture in my graphical art style Geometric Folklore. This style is inspired by native and indigenous cultures from South America. Implementing the results of this investigation in to animatied visuals could result into a live art cinema experience.

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

Learn how to see abundance where most see scarcity.

In 2011 I followed an international training where I worked in favelas from Santos. There we learned the Oasis programme. The goal of the programme is to enforce each others talents and work with the materials that you have to create the common dream for the community real. One of the most powerful learning point is Learn how to see abundance where most see scarcity. By becoming an artist I learn to see the greatest things in my surroundings.

At this workshop I want the community to reuse their daily stuff inplement the things in new performance where new behaviours are being created.

Air Match, installation and performance - Reuse of daily stuff

Sobre o artista

Im born in Chile and at the age of 13 I move to Hollland where I grew up. I studied audiovisual design at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. During my studies I discover the movement of social art and initiated social project. My final paper was a manual for the designer of today and his/her responsibility on the visual environment which we are living

After the academy I worked as a freelance designer for diverse organisation with social goals. In 2007 I followed a training for fine art education. From 2008 till 2010 I was head of the department of youth at the Human Rights Museum in Gouda. My artistic background helped create alternative concept of participation for the young. In the meanwhile I was still working as an artist creating art projects where I use art to bring different groups of people together. In 2011 followed the Warriors Without Weapons training in Brazil, an experiential international training about leadership and social entrepreneurship.