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Partapur Showcase- in Partapur, India

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

The historical document, in its different manifestations, is often perceived as transparent, as though one could observe past events as through clear glass. In my work I am strongly concerned with the possibility of this glass to be opaque. I direct my attention to the surface of the document, the character of the image of history itself, and try to recognize the processes of transmitting historical knowledge, processes that were shaped by the fundamental problem of capturing past events and their resurrection into a visible form. Aside to my individual work, I have developed a special Interest in a site-specific relational practice within the context of remote communities. My latest projects are a fusion of public intervention, visual research and space strategies that aim to explore society’s self perception of local history and material heritage. One example is my latest project “Partapur Showcase”, performed in Sandarbh residency Partapur, India, where I have transformed an empty shop into a display space, which was exposed to the public in its different making phases. The people of Partapur were asked to hand over their belongings to me, personal and historical artifacts: out of their own personal Showcases into public realm. Every single one of the contributions has found place in the ongoing developing display. This temporary archive was not a mere documentation of the content of home showcases but a reflection of people’s relationship with the notion of museum.

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

This strategy I would like to deploy in Centro Rural de Arte and its local community, with special attention for learning and reacting to the local cultural landscape. I intend to work toward creating an archive which will embody all of these notions and challenge the conventions of historical-ethnological display. I am especially interested in the encounters that might accrue between me and the locals, trying to “meddle” with their past. Like in both of my other projects, in India and Bulgaria (see website) Iv exhibited the projects, which emerged in the villages, also in city centers (Delhi and Mumbai, Sofia) - and by that created a second layer of meaning to the project. I look for a way that this village practice could resonant to both directions, inward the village and outward to urban society, and create a dialectic investigation into the portrayal of village life and history, one that would not be about the village but from it and to it simultaneously.

Partapur Showcase- Exhibition view in Delhi
Partapur showcase- in Partapur, India
Gold Digger- Tsarino, Bulgaria

Sobre o artista

Works and lives in Berlin. Education: 2004-2006 Interdisciplinary Theater “The Visual Theater School” Jerusalem, Israel 2007-2010 M.A - Berlin Weissensee, fine art department. Residencies: 2012 Sandarbh art residency, Partapur India 2011 Tsarino Residency Bulgaria
Exhibition selection: 2012 (Solo) Partapur Showcase, Habitat Centre New Delhi | (Solo) Partapur Showcase, Kala Ghoda Gallery, Mumbai 2011 Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia 2010 Proscenium, Atlierhof Kreuzberg | EQUINOX, Grimmuseum, | Mahn O Mahn, Amerson Gallerie. Berlin 2008 CAMP Berlin-Hiroshima | Artikel 0, Justice Ministry, Berlin, Grey Area, Galerie der Künste, Berlin 2007 Diskurs Festival, Giessen, Lokal Dezentral, Alte Schule Galerie Adlershof, Berlin.
Grants: Stiftung Zurückgeben, DAAD Grant for best foreign student, Jerusalem Mayor Price
Publications:Edno Magazine, Interview #94, Art and Deal India, review #42
Special projects: 2008 concept development and architecture of “Sex brennt”, Medicine history Museum Charité, Ber