Hans Bryssinck

CênicaBolsa parcial

the original tape

Datos del proyecto / dados do projeto

This proyect starts out from a cassette tape that I received under peculiar circumstances from a Colombian guy in Medellin 15 years ago. It contained a personalized compilation of popular music from Colombia and other Spanish speaking countries. Now that I found back the tape I want to re-visit it in the country where it was made. I’ll try to re-construct the tape by connecting with local musicians and also with a random group of people like shop owners, farmers, truck drivers, passersby etc. I’ll sing the songs to provoke the memories and connotations they have with the music – connecting Antioquia to La Habana, Medellin to Sevilla – and the fantasies about the possible person who recorded such a tape. One person should be guiding me to the next always with the tape as my guiding reference, in search for stories, interpreters, and musicians.

How do locals relate to their “own” culture? How do they feel about “mi pueblo”, “nuestra tierra”? And why do I feel more open to this local popular culture than to the one back “home”? What’s this odd sense of familiarity? Is it exoticism, a romantic longing for things that are considered foreign to us?

The purpose is to document the search, the unexpected encounters, the improvised music sessions with audio- and video registrations and portrait photography. That documentation will eventually serve as source material for a live re-staging of the cassette tape.

Propuesta de taller o actividad con la comunidad / Proposta de oficina ou atividade para a comunidade

Instead of offering a workshop experience to the local community in the traditional sense, by sharing certain skills and tools, I’d like to actively collaborate with a few specific local musicians on sound recordings. They will be able to share their music skills and their knowledge of local music traditions, whereas I will be able to share my knowledge and my experience with performance and performativity.

from the lecture performance Silent Manifesto (2005)
from the lecture performance Silent Manifesto (2005) ... blending in with a Colombian family.
from the performance Zanahoria (2010)

Sobre o artista

Hans Bryssinck graduated as a visual artist from KASK, Ghent (BE) and completed a postgraduate degree at DasArts, Amsterdam (NL). His works range from theatre & lecture performances to site-specific interventions and video-installations. Most of his practice is based on a collaborative approach. He develops an ongoing dialogue with some artistic partners, with others he works on one-off projects. He has realized projects together with Diederik Peeters (BE), Danai Anesiadou (BE/GR), Zhana Ivanova (BG/NL), Anat Stainberg (IL/AT), Christoph Hefti (CH), Dolores Bouckaert (BE). Mexico DF, Rio de Janeiro and Chachagüí (Colombia) have had a strong influence on works like Los Viernes (2003), Silent Manifesto (2005), Zanahoria (2010).
Works have been shown at Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE), Vooruit, Ghent (BE), Brakke Grond, De Appel, Amsterdam (NL), BRUT, Vienna (AT), Arsenic, Lausanne (CH), Mousonturm, Frankfurt (DE), TNS, Strasbourg (F).
He is co-founder of the artist-run organization SPIN